How to Make a 16-Pointed Ninja Star (Shuriken)

The newest addition to the Ninja Star (Shuriken) family, the 16 pointed ninja star– a Classic Origami Model also called the “Spiky Star”. Like the Transforming Ninja Star ( the 16-Pointed Ninja Star is a type of modular origami model. This means that it is made up of smaller modular units which are all identical. Once you make 16 of them, you can then interlock or fit the pieces into one another in order to get the Ninja Star. For this tutorial, I am using Letter Sized Paper (8.5″ x 11″), but you can use ANY SIZE square sheet that you’d like. Smaller paper may be a little bit more practical and you can create 4 smaller square sheets from one of the larger 8.5″ squares from a sheet of printer paper. You can also throw it a few differ

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