How to Make an Origami Dollar Ring (Moneygami)

Explains how to make an Origami ring from American Money – a dollar bill. I do recommend that you use a simple $1 bill because I think it fits the nicest. However, any other American bills will work, yet larger bill numbers for $10, $20, $50, or $100 usually get cut off from the top portion of the ring. I am aware that I have viewers from other countries who may not have American bills handy, so I quickly explain a way you can make this using regular printer paper. I give the dimensions: Length: 15.5 cm Width: 6 cm Also, HERE are the measurements for where you should make the folds on a piece of PAPER. ALL measurements are from the very LEFT side of the paper and indicate where to fold as instructed in the video. NOTE THAT THESE MEASUREMENTS MAY NOT FIT YOU OR WORK PERFECTLY**

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