How to Make an Origami Jasmine Flower Napkin

Normally I would leave the origami flowers for Joost Langeveld ; ) but this EASY to fold flower, showing that beauty and simplicity can go along quite well, I could not resist. Also helpful if you can not cook, but you can fold ; ) … they wont even notice the charred, over-cooked, too salty or otherwise spoiled food 😀 Original design is by Kunihiko Kasahara (or maybe he just wrote the book?) who called it a Chrysanthemum. As those have much more petals I personally felt it comes closer to the 8-petal Arabian Jasmine (or the American Lotus) Ive renamed it to simply Jasmine. Probably for the version with the curly pointy petals a whole array of other fancy names can be used as well….. Joost? ; ) Music:

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